Trapping Regulations

General: All persons trapping within the boundaries of the reservation must possess a tribal trapping license. The general trapping dates are from October 1 through April 30 of each year. Below are specific trapping dates and limits per species. Trapping is allowed 24 hours per day. Spotlighting is prohibited, however flashlights are allowed for the purpose of checking traps. Traps must be checked every 36 hours.

It is unlawful to: flag muskrat houses before opening day, set traps within 30 feet of exposed bait, possess raw furs after the tenth day of the closure of the season, physically alter, possess or barter live furbearers, set or operate more than 75 traps, disturb mink, beaver or muskrat houses or dens, use poison, gas, smoke, or explosives.

No person shall: trap with any leghold trap larger than a Number Four (4) and/or any trap containing a tooth style jaw; trap within 30 feet of any exposed bait visible to airborne raptors; trap with traps or snares without having attached to the traps or snares a metal tag displaying the trappers full name, address and phone number. Any landowner, allottee or operator may destroy any furbearer, which has been identified as depredating any livestock, poultry, trees or crops. He/she shall not commercialize in, sell, trade, or ship any pelt or parts thereof without possessing a valid Tribal furbearers license or permit.

Species Dates Limits

Mink and Weasel Nov. 1 - Jan. 31st. Limits: None

Muskrat Year-round . Limits:None

Beaver Year-round. Limits: None

Bobcat See brochure

Raccoon Year-round. Limits:None

Badger Oct. 1 - Apr. 30th. Limits: None

Fox Oct. 1 - Apr. 30th. Limits: None

Skunk Year-round. Limits: None

Coyote Year-round. Limits: None

Bobcat Restrictions:

Any person taking a bobcat must present it to a Tribal Conservation Officer for registration and tagging of the pelt within three days of capture.  The pelt must be removed from carcass, and the carcass must be surrendered to a Tribal Conservation Officer. No person may buy or sell bobcat pelts that are not legally tagged.