Waterfowl hunting may be done on land in corn and wheat fields or over water on the Missouri River (mostly boat access with a few wade-in areas), on natural wetlands or on man-made impoundments. License options for nonmembers include daily ($50) or season ($150); federal stamps are also required.

Hunting over flooded corn is available at Medicine Creek for no extra fee. 

Beginning in 2023, due to complete failure of the artesion well, waterfowl hunting at Little Bend Ponds will change because we will not be able to maintain water levels or keep water from freezing. Beginning in 2024, the former Little Bend Ponds will be managed for Mourning Doves

The former Mni Sho Sho Goose Camp is a Walk-in Area for all hunting and no special fees will be required. As a Walk-in Area, there will be waterfowl hunting opportunities as well as other types of hunting. Please see the main hunting map in the brochure for designated roads that may be used; all other parts of this unit are walk-in only.