Buffalo hunting is fully guided by the Department of Wildlife, Fish and Recreation. Permit fees include a guide, field dressing your buffalo and transportation to a local locker (if desired). Buffalo hunts take place in one of three units encompassing over 6,000 acres: the Big Game Unit, Huston Unit or Cherry Ranch. Hunts are generally completed in one day. Follow this link to apply online; lottery application period for Fall hunts is January 1 - April 15. 



Three types of bull hunts will be available: "Management Bulls" will be in the 5-6 year old range and weigh around 1200-1600 pounds; they are big but not quite true trophy class. In comparison, the "Young Bull" hunts are generally for 2-4 year old bulls weighing 700-1100 pounds while the "Trophy Bulls" are 7+ years old and will weigh around 2,000 pounds. 


The price structure for buffalo hunts for 2024 is as follows:

                              Tribal Member                    Affiliate                    Non-member

Cow                               $500                           $1250                          $1875

Young Bull                     $500                           $1500                          $2500

Management Bull          $1000                          $2000                          $3250

Trophy Bull                    $1500                          $2250                          $4000


Buffalo hunting season is October 1 - January 31

The lottery application deadline is April 15 for all buffalo hunters.