Recreation & Access

Recreation / Access

Recreational access permits are required for all non-members 16 and over recreating on tribal lands. Recreating includes river shore fishing, ice fishing, hiking, picnicking, camping, boat launching, riding horses, ATV/UTVs, snowmobiles or dirt bikes, cross-country skiing, wildlife viewing or photography, pursuit or collection of rattlesnakes or other non-protected animals. Permits are required for only the operator/owner of a vehicle launching a boat for open water use or for providing river access for ice fishing. For boat launching and ice fishing the access permit must be displayed on the vehicle dashboard; for all others recreating on tribal land the access permit must be in possession of each individual.

Access permits cost $5 per person per day or $30 per person annually. For persons 65 and over, the annual permit is $15. Permits for family members are $5 per person after the head of household purchases the annual permit. Annual permits expire on January 31.

Enrolled members of any federally-recognized tribe and affiliates must possess the access permit at no cost.

 Access permits are not required for Corps of Engineers recreation areas (Left and Right Tailrace and Good Soldier).

Off-Reservation Lands

Tribally-owned off-reservation lands are open for tribal member hunting only, unless otherwise specified. Tribal members must obtain tribal and state licenses and abide by state regulations. Currently, these lands include the Cherry Ranch, Smith Ranch, Hicks Land, Oacoma Land, Bear Butte Land, and the Haight Ranch. The William’s Unit and the two NAWCA tracts are the only off-reservation tribal lands open for hunting and fishing by both tribal members and non-members.

Special Management Areas

The Lower Brule Sioux Tribe Department of Wildlife, Fish, and Recreation manages several areas that have additional rules, regulations, and/or license requirements. Many of these areas are often managed to provide unique or high quality hunting experiences. These include the Grassrope Unit, Big Game Unit, Huston Unit, Cherry Ranch, and Little Bend Ponds. These areas require additional permits and may have seasons that differ from the regular hunting seasons. In other such as waterfowl refuges hunting is not allowed.

Walk-in Hunting Areas

Walk-in lands are open for hunting by tribal license holders without permission. These lands may not be hunted within 600 feet of livestock are or if crops are not harvested (does not apply to food plots). Hunting on foot is the only permissible method.

Cultural Site Protection

It is against federal law to disturb cultural sites on federal and tribal lands. It is unlawful to dig, excavate and/or to remove any artifacts from Tribal Trust, Allotted and Corps of Engineer Lands. Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of Federal Law.

Narrows Culturally Sensitive Area: 

No motorized vehicles allowed from BIA 3 (Little Bend Road) west to river's edge from the Wildlife Department driveway extending north approximately two miles to the Peterson ranch (includes the Narrows area).