Upland Birds

Upland bird hunting includes ring-necked pheasant, sharp-tailed grouse and prairie-chickens. A wide variety of cover types are available including croplands, food plots, CRP and other grasslands, shelterbelts and woody draws. Most upland bird hunting is done on our 60,000 acres of Walk-in lands. 

The pheasant daily limit will be 3 roosters; on the Grassrope Unit the daily limit remains at 4 roosters.  Prairie grouse (includes prairie-chickens and sharp-tailed grouse) limit is 3 per day combined. Bobwhite quail season is closed.

Upland bird license options for nonmembers include daily ($110) or season ($500) for the 2024 season which begins on October 5 and ends on December 31 for pheasant; the prairie grouse season is September 14 - December 31. The Grassrope Unit Daily Permit is an additional $50 per day (4-bird daily limit with no more than 20 hunters per day) with a pheasant season from October 7 - January 31.

Another license option is available for early season for sharp-tailed grouse and prairie-chicken only from September 14 - October 4. The cost for this permit is $150. The upland bird license is also valid during this season.

Lead ammunition is not allowed for all shotgun hunting (non-toxic shot must be used).

Follow this link to purchase license online.