Deer hunting is available for mule deer and white-tailed deer. You can hunt on your own or hire your own local guide (/hunting-guides/). Huntable lands include about 50,000 acres of Walk-in lands and about 100,000 acres of other tribal lands for which permission is needed. The application period for Fall 2018 hunts is January 1 - August 1, 2018; follow this link to apply online.





1 archery tag or 1 muzzleloader tag per person


1 rifle any antlered deer or 1 rifle any white-tailed deer per person


1 or 2 rifle any antlerless white-tailed deer per person


Reminder that all mule deer bucks need to have a minimum of 4 points on one side to be legal.

All deer tags have changed from paper tags to metal tags.

All deer taken with an archery tag must be inspected by a conservation officer or by the Wildlife Office and given a paper tag in addition to the metal tag that was issued with the license.