Elk hunting is fully guided by the Department of Wildlife, Fish and Recreation. Permit fees include a guide, field dressing your elk and transportation to a local locker (if desired). Elk hunts take place in the enclosed 3,000-acre Big Game Unit which is comprised of steep river breaks vegetated with cedar, plum and ash and grassy open hillsides. Hunts are generally completed in one or two days. Follow this link to apply online.  The application period for Fall 2018 hunts is January 1 - March 15, 2018.





Elk Tag Prices for 2018:

                                   Tribal Member               Affiliate                    Non-member

Cow                                 $500                          $800                           $1500

Young Bull                       $750                          $2000                         $2000

Management Bull            $1000                        $3000                         $3000

Trophy Bull                      $5000                        $5000                         $5000


Free-ranging Elk outside the Big Game Unit (2018 Cost is 1/2 of the above prices) with prior permission from the Wildlife Department Director.