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Posted 3/03/17 (Fri)

Beginning March 16, 2017 a new automated big game lottery system will be online.

1. Non-member hunters will be able to enter each big game lottery up to 5 times at a cost of $10 each (Tribal Members cost is $0 for one entry only per lottery).

2. The system will allow for multiple automated drawings to assign all available tags. If you are unsuccessful in a particular drawing and there are available tags, your name will be automatically entered into a second drawing, and so on until all available tags are assigned and claimed.

3. Hunters that do not draw in a particular lottery will be given preference the next time they apply for that same drawing. The preference will be one extra entry for each year a hunter is unsuccessful in drawing a particular tag, up to 10 entries (10 years). Once a hunter is drawn for a particular tag, the preference is reset to zero.

4. All notifications will be done by email (we will call those without email) so please make sure your contact information is correct.

5. Upon notification of a successful drawing, hunters may go online ( and purchase their big game license (tags will be mailed later) or you may call or stop by our office to purchase your license. There will still be two weeks to claim a tag. If you do not claim your tag within two weeks, your name will not be placed in subsequent lotteries for that drawing.

6. For the non-member big game tags that are drawn in August, if you have entered a lottery prior to March 16 you may go into the new system and enter the lottery up to 4 more times if desired.